Experience the vibrant city of Amsterdam this summer! Start your adventure by visiting some of the city's famous museums, such as the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum, which houses masterpieces by Rembrandt and Vermeer.

Take a stroll through the charming Jordaan neighborhood and browse the quaint boutiques and markets, or relax in one of the city's many beautiful parks.

If you're a fan of history, be sure to visit the Anne Frank House, where the young diarist and her family hid from the Nazis during World War II. For a unique cultural activity, visit the Heineken Experience, where you can learn about the history of the famous brewery and taste some of their delicious beers.

No trip to Amsterdam would be complete without a trip to the canals, which wind through the city and offer a picturesque setting for a boat tour or a leisurely stroll. And be sure to indulge in some of the city's famous cuisine, including stroopwafels, poffertjes, and herring.

With its rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant culture and more, we are sure you will love Amsterdam for your summer getaway.