Textbooks for Forum-Nexus Courses

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Students are responsible for buying (or renting) the required books and having them on the first day of classes. To find the required texts for your class, please reference the course syllabus found on the course catalog page.

We recommend renting or buying the e-textbook version of each book through Amazon (where available) to save space.

Textbooks for Regular Courses

International Marketing, 17th Edition

by Philip Cateora, John Graham, and Mary Gilly
Course name: International Marketing
Recommendation: Rent the eTextbook ($51.25)
ISBN: 77842162

Amazon eBook

Understanding the European Union, 7th Edition

by John McCormick
Course name: The European Union Today
Recommendation: Buy the paperback version ($35.09)
ISBN: 1137606258

Amazon Book

Cultural Intelligence: Surviving and Thriving in the Global Village, 3rd Edition

by David Thomas and Kerr Inkson
Course names: Cross-Cultural Communication, Cross-Cultural Management, Cultural Intelligencet
Recommendation: Buy either the Kindle ($12.99) or paperback version ($18.32)
ISBN: 1626568650

Amazon eBook

Recommended resources for the European Art and Architecture

Recommended resources for the International IQ Seminar

Textbooks for SIS Courses

To find the required and recommended readings for a Supervised Independent Study (SIS) course, please review the course syllabus. All syllabi can be found here:

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