Student Testimonials

Thinking about studying abroad? Find out what other students are saying about their experience with Forum-Nexus.

  • One of the most incredible experiences of my life! The program is truly unmatched, from the locations, the luxurious hotels, excellent instructors, and personal family feel. I cannot thank the staff and instructors enough for this life changing experience, truly one of the best times of my life!
    Allie M. Junior, Communication and Consumer Behavior - University of Southern California
  • The program has given me so much international exposure, and I acquired knowledge and memories that will be cherished forever. I would definitely recommend this program to my friends and to other students, since they may not even be aware that such an outstanding one-month study abroad opportunity in Europe exists.
    Romit P. Graduate Student, Finance & Entrepreneurship - Ahmedabad University, India
  • The classes were very interesting and I learned a lot. The professors were very knowledgeable. The professional visits were amazing! I wouldn't have the opportunity to visit those places if it weren't for Forum-Nexus.
    Alyssa K. Freshman, Marketing - St. Xavier University, Chicago
  • I'm very happy I participated in this program. It's more than just the credits I'm receiving; I have 500+ pictures that represent endless memories shared. It's an amazing way to see a lot of Europe at once. If you don't have time to study abroad during the year, a summer with Forum-Nexus is perfect!
    Clayton K. Sophomore, Systems Engineering - Washington University in St. Louis
  • I am glad that I chose to partake in such an enriching program. I have gained valuable knowledge that I would not have otherwise been able to attain. All the professors were great and showed mastery of the subject. The program director was amazing; his International IQ class was great!
    Cori S. Sophomore, Decision Science and Business - Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh
  • The classes were interesting, and many of the professional visits were really cool. I raised my international IQ quite a bit. I would definitely recommend the program because of the experience and meeting so many new people from all over, while taking classes.
    Jonathan M. Sophomore, Economics - University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • I have gained experience and opportunities that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. The classes are full of useful life knowledge. The professional visits were informative and cool. The hotels were nice and luxurious, and in good locations. The program has been 100x more than I ever expected. This has been the best and most fun learning experience I ever had.
    Morgan S. Sophomore, Pre-Medicine - University of Central Arkansas
  • Forum-Nexus is an impressive program! I'm happy I chose it because I love to travel and FN gave me a chance to travel and utilize the concepts learned in class. The professors are knowledgeable, and the program director is amazing! He has so much knowledge and he is a great mentor.
    Sana S. MBA Student, Marketing - Preston University, Pakistan
  • It’s very well organized, you will learn a lot, you will meet amazing people, you will have fun, and you will never see so much culture and you will never have this many experiences in a month with any other program. And I looked a lot before I chose Forum-Nexus!
    Orelie C. Economics, IQS School of Management, Barcelona, Spain
  • After 4 weeks, I’ve been educated by my friends, by Hugo, Batia, Georges, and Peter. The professors are innovative. They want you to react. They want to hear from you. And between professional visits, academics, and personal life, the program is very well balanced.
    Shao Tang W. Business Administration, Hult International Business School, London, UK
  • I am EXTREMELY glad I chose to participate in Forum-Nexus. I met the most amazing group of people and feel like I am so much more culturally educated. I could not be more satisfied with my month abroad. I wouldn’t have done it any other way.
    I literally had the time of my life!
    Amy W. Marketing, San Diego State University
  • I absolutely loved the program! I’m very happy I chose it as it really gave me a chance to experience traveling around Europe while learning some valuable information and meeting some of the best people. You travel, you learn, you make some great friends and an incredible amount of memories!
    Adham T. Construction and Architectural Engineering. American University in Cairo, Egypt

Video Testimonials

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Faculty Reviews

  • Dr. Hervitz runs a well organized and unforgettable program
  • Hugo is the best! Thanks for everything!
  • Thank you Dr H immensely for being so warm, comforting and insightful with your opinions and advice and for your support of each student, this set the tone for the entire trip!

Comments about Peter Resch, professor of
International Marketing and Cross Cultural Communication

  • Peter was always giving real life examples of all the concepts and linking them to his personal business experience
  • Peter was very professional, friendly and relaxed
  • Very friendly with students, very easygoing. Made students feel comfortable and confident.
  • Great professor!

Comments about Georges Rocourt, professor of International Business and Introduction to the European Union

  • Georges was great, very knowledgeable and helpful. I learned a lot from him about European cultures and countries
  • He answered questions to the fullest
  • He was very nice, understanding and fun
  • He knows more about the subject than the author of the textbook
  • Wouldn't move on unless students understood everything
  • Georges was very knowledgeable and friendly
  • Very well informed and up to date with current information
  • Was open to questions and answered each of them in great detail

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