About Forum-Nexus Study Abroad

Forum-Nexus Study Abroad has a track record of 34 years of successful intensive summer programs around the world. Over students have participated in our international multi-country programs in 15 countries since 1990. Whether you are an undergraduate, graduate student or alumni seeking professional development, our courses are open to all. Don't miss out on this opportunity to broaden your horizons, gain valuable international experience and make lifelong memories with Forum-Nexus.

Forum-Nexus programs are unique in that they give participating students a high value added along a number of different dimensions:

  • The programs develop the students’ international outlook, fostering a greater appreciation of other cultures and different economic and political environments.
  • Classes are dynamic and interactive, taught by experienced, cosmopolitan professors.
  • Students get to visit numerous companies, international organizations, and government agencies, and interact with their executives and officials in order to learn about their strategies first-hand.
  • The Forum-Nexus cities are world-renowned business and cultural destinations.
  • Transcripts issued by prestigious fully-accredited universities.
  • Students can earn up to 9 semester credits, which can be used for required or elective courses.
  • All students participate in the International IQ Seminar conducted by Dr. Hugo Hervitz, Director of Forum-Nexus.
  • Upon successful completion of their courses, all students will receive an official diploma and transcript.
  • The students who participate in Forum-Nexus programs are ambitious, open-minded, highly motivated, and share a desire to appreciate the richness of other cultures.

Our Mission

We aim to provide a first-class international educational experience and to foster an appreciation for the richness of other cultures, by offering unique and life-changing summer programs that encourage the exchange of ideas with individuals from around the world, and create a community of students with a passion for learning and exploring the world with an open mind.

Our History

Forum-Nexus Study Abroad was founded by Dr. Hugo Hervitz, a highly respected professor of International Business in Miami, an economics commentator for CNN, and a passionate proponent of global education and cross-cultural sensitivity. Dr. Hervitz's goal was to create a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas about the economic, political, cultural and business landscape in Europe. At the same time, the programs were meant to build a nexus between international students and European executives, professors and government officials. Hence the name... Forum-Nexus!

Professor Hervitz assembled a multinational team of experienced senior European professors: Edoardo Teodoro Brioschi, Carlos Moslares García, and Georges Rocourt. The four professors and friends shared a passion for:

  • Broadening the global perspective of foreign students interested in Europe
  • Raising their levels of International IQ
  • Increasing their cross-cultural sensitivity, and
  • Improving their knowledge of the European economic, political and cultural environment

For the last 34 years, the Forum-Nexus programs have amply achieved these goals with over 3,550 students from the U.S., Latin America, Asia and the Middle East. Over time, our organization has continued to grow in size and scope to become the leading provider of multi-country summer study abroad programs in Europe. At Forum-Nexus, we are proud to offer an unrivaled educational and cultural experience made possible by bringing together outstanding professors and highly trained staff that impart the joy of learning and traveling.

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Each of our courses is designed to comply with curricular guidelines of U.S. and international universities.

Our courses are sponsored by two European universities: Franklin University Switzerland in Lugano and Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan.

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Our Courses

Our goal is to provide the best educational experience for our students. Our methods of course and program delivery are distinctive among study abroad programs. Forum-Nexus students are immersed in the cultures and customs of the different countries we visit, and they have the opportunity to learn while traveling, visiting many of the most exciting countries and cities in the world.

Students take their classes at prestigious universities from world-renowned professors, and visit leading international companies and interact with officials of prominent international organizations. We believe that among all the study abroad opportunities out there, the overall educational experience offered by Forum-Nexus is one of the most comprehensive, enjoyable, and rewarding study abroad experience available.

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Our Alumni

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