Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ (7)

Why should I study abroad?
Study abroad is an enriching and eye-opening adventure, where learning extends far beyond the classroom. The experience of studying abroad will expose you to new ways of thinking, living, and viewing the world.

Benefits include:
  • Learning firsthand about other cultures
  • Improving your language skills
  • Visiting and touring amazing cities
  • Developing friendships with students from around the world
  • Fulfilling major and minor coursework requirements
  • Developing new intellectual pursuits, skills, and perspectives.
  • Adding a personal and educational accomplishment to your resume/CV
Why Forum-Nexus?
Forum-Nexus has 34 years of experience specializing in intensive summer programs, taught in English, for undergraduate and graduate students. The programs are held in some of the most exciting and dynamic cities in Europe. By the end of the program, you will have greatly improved your global awareness, cultural intelligence, and International IQ. What makes Forum-Nexus unique is our exciting multi-country itinerary combined with an emphasis on professional visits, as well as our multicultural and multinational group of professors, students, and staff. During our program you will attend class in the morning and visit companies and international organizations in the afternoon. You will still have ample free time for cultural and touristic activities, shopping, and nighttime entertainment.

Learn more about Forum-Nexus here.
How will a study abroad experience enhance my employability after I graduate?
Employers increasingly seek graduates who have international experience, and a study abroad experience will enhance your employability. International knowledge, cross-cultural communication skills, flexibility, resilience, and the ability to adapt to new circumstances are skills enhanced through studying abroad that are important to employers.
Who can participate in Forum-Nexus programs?
Eligible applicants must be degree-seeking students enrolled in a college or university program, at the undergraduate or graduate level. You may also apply if you are a recent college or university graduate who graduated in the last four years. Most undergraduate program participants are between 19 and 23 years old. Most graduate program participants are between 23 and 29 years old. Applicants should have a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 of 4.0. Students who do not meet the GPA requirement are encouraged to apply, but must submit a letter of recommendation and a letter of explanation for review by the Admissions Committee. International students from universities that do not use a GPA system must have a minimum grade average of 75 out of 100. All applicants must be at least 18 years of age by the start of the program.

Learn more about the Admissions process here.
Can I travel with Forum-Nexus even if I have already graduated from my university?
Yes! If you have graduated within the last four years, you are still eligible to participate in our program. We recommend that you take your Forum-Nexus courses at the graduate level, as the credits may be of value to you in the future if you decide to pursue graduate school.
Have you had any students from my country before?
Forum-Nexus hosts students from all over the world. Generally 70% are US students and the rest come from countries like Mexico, Brazil, Egypt, India, Canada, England, Russia, Korea, Spain, Ukraine, Peru, Vietnam, Colombia, and many more.
How many students are there in the program?
Typically about 40 students from around the world participate in the summer program.

Ultimate Summer in Europe 2024 FAQ (4)

What is the itinerary?
We will be traveling from June 26th to July 23rd, 2024 through 7 countries in Europe, visiting 9 of the most exciting cities: Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Milan, Lake Riva, Verona, Lake Lugano, and the Island of Rhodes.

You can find a detailed itinerary of each program session here.

In order to accommodate the needs of students who may have schedule limitations, we offer 3 sessions.
More details regarding dates and sessions here.
What are the program fees and what do they include?
The program fees range between $10,990 and $11,885 depending on the session you join. You can enjoy substantial discounts by participating in our Early Bird Discount program.

You can find full details here.

The fees include:
  • Tuition for one 3-credit course
  • Accommodations in top hotels
  • Buffet breakfast in all hotels
  • Professional visits
  • Transportation within Europe between Rome and Amsterdam, by private coach, or high-speed train
  • Comprehensive health insurance
  • Welcome reception
  • Farewell dinner
  • On-site staff support
  • Official transcripts
What is the housing arrangement?
Students, faculty, and staff participating in the Forum-Nexus Study Abroad program stay in excellent 4 and 5-star full service hotels, in double and triple occupancy rooms. Students have the opportunity to request their roommates throughout the program.

View a full list of hotels here.
What can I do over the weekends
On Saturdays and Sundays, you may elect to spend free time exploring the FN city that we are in, or you may choose to travel to another city for a day or for the entire weekend.

An Independent Weekend Day Trip is organized by students and involves traveling to and from the base FN city in the same day, to visit a nearby destination.

An Independent Weekend Excursion is an overnight trip to another city/country during a weekend. It involves leaving Friday evening or Saturday morning, and in most cases, returning to the FN city on Sunday evening for classes on Monday.

We will provide you with recommended itineraries and activities in suggested destinations, but you may choose to enjoy the weekend however you’d prefer. Click here to see our suggested destinations.

Application Process (2)

How do I apply?
You may submit an application online for free. You must complete the application form as well as submit the required essay component in order for your application to be processed.

If you are interested in pursuing a Supervised Independent Study (SIS) course, you must also submit an SIS Course Request Form in order to be considered for that course.

Learn more about the application process here.
When will I know if I've been accepted to the program?
Within 2 weeks after you apply and submit the required essay, you will receive an email notification about your acceptance.

Academics (8)

What are the classes like?
Forum-Nexus classes are held at host universities in the different cities included in the program itinerary, or in the conference center of the hotels. Classes are usually held in the morning on weekdays. Our team of international professors travel with the program and are accessible after class hours for questions.

Each Forum-Nexus course is designed to comply with curricular guidelines of U.S. and international universities.
How many classes do I have to take?
You can earn 3, 6, or 9 credits (for 1, 2, or 3 courses - each course is worth 3 U.S. semester credit hours (6 ECTS credits)), depending on the session you select.

You may enroll in one or two regular courses.

All students participate in the International IQ Seminar, conducted by Dr. Hugo Hervitz, which is a daily meeting in which students can learn about the culture of each country, discuss their experiences and cross-cultural interactions, get travel tips, and identify ways to have an even more immersive study abroad experience.
How does a Supervised Independent Study (SIS) course work?
Students enrolled in a Supervised Independent Study (SIS) course pursue structured independent work, following a well-defined syllabus, under the supervision of one or two faculty members. Not every student is allowed to enroll in an SIS course. Interested students must fill-out the SIS Course Request Form justifying their suitability for the course and their ability to conduct independent work.

All SIS course options may be found here.
Do you offer summer internships?
Yes! The Forum-Nexus Internship Program provides students with an opportunity to gain valuable academic and professional experience while earning 3 credits for their experience. We do offer internships in Communication, Hospitality Management, Photography and Videography.

All information regarding internships can be found here.
Will I have time to take a full course load and also explore each city?
Classes are usually conducted during the mornings, leaving you enough time in the afternoon to explore the cities of our program. Classes are not held during the weekends, so you may enjoy each city or travel to another nearby city.
Which courses should I take?
We recommend that you consult your academic advisors and study abroad advisors at your university for suggestions on which courses you should take, considering your major and minor requirements. You can take 3, 6 or 9 credits, depending on the session you select.

Find a list of all of our courses here.
Where are the credits for the courses issued from?
Forum-Nexus courses are sponsored by two European universities:
  • Franklin University Switzerland in Lugano
  • Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan
In summer 2024, course credits and transcripts will be issued by Franklin University Switzerland. FUS is fully accredited in Switzerland and also in the U.S.
I can’t find my university in the credit transfer list
If you do not see your university on this list, it does not mean that credits won’t transfer, but that you may be the first student from your university to participate in our program.

To confirm that the credits will transfer, please follow these steps:
  1. Download the course syllabi for the courses you plan to take.
  2. Print a copy of the "About Forum-Nexus" section of our website.
  3. Take the printed syllabi and additional information about Forum-Nexus to your study abroad office.
  4. If your study abroad advisor has any questions, please ask them to contact us at or at +1-305-764-2243.

We are happy to help you throughout the credit transfer process.

Financial Aid (1)

Can I afford to participate in Forum-Nexus? Is financial aid available?
Yes, you can! Generally, all financial aid awards, including loans, grants, and scholarships, are applicable to study abroad programs. Financial aid packages are reevaluated to consider the cost of a specific program, and aid packages may be adjusted (up to the maximum eligibility amount) according to the modified cost of the study abroad program.

We offer financial aid opportunities as well. Students participating in Forum-Nexus programs can receive aid from Forum-Nexus, from their university, or from external sources.

More information may be found here.

International Travel (2)

Do I need to know a foreign language to study abroad?
No. All Forum-Nexus courses, professional visits, and day trips are conducted in English. We encourage you, though, to make an effort to learn some important words and phrases in the languages of the countries we visit. One of the highlights of Forum-Nexus is the emphasis placed on making sure that the participating students acquire a higher level of International IQ. We define International IQ as the minimum level of international knowledge that a student should have in order to be perceived as a cultured and educated individual in an international situation, such as a gathering of professionals from around the world, or an international negotiation.
Do I need to apply for a visa?
If you are a citizen of the U.S., Canada, Mexico or the European Union, you do not need any visas. Citizens of most other countries do need to apply for a Schengen visa, that is one visa for all the Forum-Nexus countries. Usually, you do not need a student visa, but just a tourist visa. After you get accepted and pay your deposit, we will provide you with the necessary documents needed for the visa. You should not necessarily apply for a visa from the first country that you will visit; but rather from the country in which you will spend the most days.