The Forum-Nexus Student Assistantship Program

The Forum-Nexus Student Assistantship Program provides students with an opportunity to work as student assistants for Forum-Nexus Study Abroad faculty and staff, and earn a tuition-reduction scholarship. The program involves 150 hours and is completed in five European countries, as part of the one-month itinerary of the Forum Europe Summer Program in the month of July. Student Assistants (SAs) receive a tuition-reduction scholarship of $1,500.

The advantages of being accepted as an SA include:

  • The opportunity to make participation in the Forum-Nexus program more affordable
  • Interaction with experienced faculty and staff; learn from them, complete all tasks in a timely manner, and quite likely secure a letter of recommendation in the future
  • Real-world job experience working with a multi-cultural team
  • Being part of a team of bright and motivated SAs from around the world
  • Development of inter-personal skills, communication skills, and teamwork

Depending on their skills and background, SAs may be assigned to help with tasks related to the overall management of the program, such as:

  • Help professors with taking attendance, printing handouts, setting up laptops and projectors, and other similar tasks
  • Help FN staff with logistical tasks, such as directing students to board buses and trains; making sure that the luggage is properly labeled and sorted; helping with the weighing of luggage before flights; communicating with FN cell phones, walkie-talkies and WhatsApp; helping students get to the right classrooms at the local campuses and in the conference centers of the hotels; etc.
  • Make morning wake-up calls
  • Help monitor proper student behavior in the hotel rooms, during professional visits, on campus, etc.
  • Assist students with local information about cultural activities in each city, recommended restaurants, location of laundromats, public transportation tips, etc.
  • Help make sure that students remove all items from the buses after an intercity trip or a professional visit
  • Help organize group outings and group activities, such as museum visits or weekend trips


Forum-Nexus SAs are expected to:

  1. Perform their tasks in a professional manner
  2. Be reliable and prompt in the performance of assigned tasks at the assigned time
  3. Maintain an excellent working relationship with other SAs and with FN faculty and staff
  4. Be friendly, courteous, and helpful with the students
  5. Deliver any duties with cheerfulness, friendliness, and a positive attitude
  6. Avoid any instance of behaving in a rude or stern manner, raising your voice, or being confrontational. Any situation, including delicate or difficult ones, should be handled in a calm and professional way. The Forum-Nexus spirit should be maintained at all times: we are a community of friends, we are like family, we respect each other, we are committed to learning during the program, to supporting each other, to exploring the world, and to having a great time!
  7. Maintain confidentiality of any information they may have access to as part of their job

Additional Considerations

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Applicants must be accepted into the Forum Europe Summer Program, Session A1.
  2. Applicants must have a GPA of 2.8 or higher
  3. Financial need will be taken into account

Application Process

There are 4 items that you must submit in order to apply to the Forum-Nexus Student Assistantship Program. The application will be forwarded to our review committee for evaluation once all materials have been received. You will then be asked to participate in a Skype or Google Hangout video interview with a Forum-Nexus staff member.

Once the interview has taken place, you will be notified as to whether or not you have been accepted as an SA within about ten days.

The 4 required items are:

  1. Application Form
  2. Resume
  3. A letter of recommendation
  4. A recent transcript

Once the above required Student Assistantship application materials have been submitted, a Forum-Nexus staff member will reach out to you to schedule your video interview.

Download the Assistantship Application Form

If you have any questions about the application, please contact us at or +1 (305) 764-2243.